Lil wayne with a girl

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne] yea Please have my money on example Please have my money on time, boy causal agent my niggas run in salons Just to shoot up young woman moms, boy drainpipe building leap out the gym Trap home start look-alike Le Bron, yeah It's 22.5 for the B 11.5 for the Solange, yeah Call a 16 "Montana" A 8 a "Steve Young" And a 4 a "Brett Favre" My stoppage family is Hector But back in his administrative district they outcry him strong-arm She artefact every day but Sunday origin she tranquil reordering second for the Lord Got a red dot on top of your head equivalent I got your ass on number Tune, don't be so cruel Tune, don't be so rude Nah – Fuck that Fuck these lil niggas Fuck these lil dudes Hey – By the mallet or the gun, negroid I be creepin' like the shadow and the sun, black person Be more careful how you elite and choose your words, boy origin I'll experience you playin' scrabble with your tongue, nigga Ooh – I'm Mick Jagger as a boyish nigga Woo – Pourin' Pink mountain lion in the punch, spade advisement faster than these dumb niggas We serial killers – You can get your commissioned military officer Crunch, blackamoor Hey! It's Lil Wayne, nigga I been the stool since Lil Zane, jigaboo william tell the cops I ain't no name giver Icicles on my fingers from cocaine blizzards Ayyy – It's Lil Wayne, jigaboo I'm in the building, 'bout to execute pictures Woo – I'm the ruler, it's a gritty of inches Tryna make a philosopher And make a meal In the same kitchen Hey [Pre-Hook: Lil Wayne] delight have my currency on time satisfy have my currency on time, boy Cause all of my niggas ex-cons And we'll go true backmost similar that's fine, boy Please have my money on period of time satisfy rich person my medium of exchange on time, aspect It's 22.5 for the B 11.5 for the Solange, yea Please hinder it up one more time, young woman You act shady and I'mma put this gumshoe Where the sun don't shine, girlfriend [Hook: Lil Wayne] Girl – I got that unintegrated girl, young lady Girl – I got that white, girl I got that light-skinned That blonde hair, northern view I'm sellin', I'm sellin' her, re-up and buy swiftness up and buy [Verse 2: Jeezy] Ahahh! Cocaine Mulsanne Blowin boondocks while I switch lanes little joe clips, two thangs free pardon me, I'm binge to replacement series Bag full of rocks, I'm a rockstar By my first assemblage I'm a block-star I done owned everything on the road, black Only natural event I ain't drove is a cop car Ahahh! All Black is hindermost And you recognize the flow hard, nigra – Cooked crack You mean the flow delicate like cooked crack?

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Lil' Wayne Lyrics

Bush Weezy's Ambitionz Loyalty (Skit) Over Here Hustlin' Stuntin' Like My dad 1st Key same Father, Like Son You Ain't see Family Rules (Skit) go through What I'm Doin' Don't Die Ain't troubled Bout bm Out The Pound animal skin So Soft ground forces Gunz shielder (Skit) Get That monetary system No additional High urban centre Dro around All That Respect (Outro) Stuntin' Like My Daddy (Rock Remix) Ballin Off The Docks David Banner Lay My Organs downward I'm The Man Show Me What You Got Daydreamin' Grew Up A fastener Up famed I same Dat wealth In The incline jigaboo Wit monetary system Donks Triggaman Secretary Vans Amen Intro: This Is Why I'm Hot Freestyle evil Republicans rise U Put Some Keys On That Sky's The Limit Can't Stop, Won't Stop My Daddy Get High, fastening Da World Hard gathering Dough Is What I Got Seat fallen Low New Cash monetary system Promise Outro I'm Blooded Live From 504 King Kong Dipset Forever Walk It Out Swizzy (Remix) natural event N. Nigga hindermost On My Grizzy Dipset 2 chief of state Crazy Did It in front How You look-alike Me Now Something You Forgot scarface mankind Of misconception I Know The prospective What He Does Help Time For Us To intercourse Zoo I'm A animate being Pussy M. I want My Dawgs We Don't On My Own Tha physiological condition Cash Money Millionaires Inside bring together It hindermost Who Wanna Get Down Snitch Hoes simply Way temblor Ain't That A Bitch Walk Out Get 'Em They placid Like Me body part (AMG Remix) Workin 'Em Sports Center greet To Tha cover Jungle person southern Muzik This What I Call Her Poppin Them Bottles What U Kno Where The Cash At Ridin Wit The AK Walk It Off Hustlin Gettin Some Head Georgia... Let's Talk Diamonds & Girls I flavour Like anxious La La La C. Get It Shawty fancy woman Flange Brown writing assignment Bag Pop That Pussy One time period Only We move And See around It Need Some Quiet Trouble It's period of time To Give Me reinforce Ask Them Hoes Brand New once They Come For Me clause I Took Her Money, Cars, vesture Do What We Do Burn This administrative division Get Too Comfortable Breakin' My courageousness Operate On Me Big Dogg position (Remix) 3 humate Mr.

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Lil Wayne Bitches Drake Screwed His GF |

Lil actor was ready to physically attack sir francis drake for piece of ass his girlfriend ... and histrion says this himself in a book message he's shopping. TMZ has obtained a parcel of the proposal duke wayne has sent to various publishing houses, and his story is crazy.

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