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Virtually all textual matter is bonkers — and very quotable; it was difficult choosing which one to put up at the top — and everyone's singer (save Whoa) is dubbed over by Oedekerk himself. He is as well the selected One because his glossa has a face on it; its name is Tonguey. No, , on with newly-shot and bluescreened photographic film (mainly to insert Oedekerk into the film), to create a sooner anarchic spoof of kung-fu movies in general. The fille escapes, grows up in the wild, fights off attackers by ripping their clothes into shred-bikinis, joins a school of soldierly artists who loudly intromit that they impairment push-up bras, eventually meets the atrocious man — who, in the intervening years, has transformed his name to Betty — and after-hours fights a cow.

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Now anticipate paid to sit in the rearmost of someone else's living room and watch him do the same thing with his friends -- who aren't any funnier than yours. That's what watching "Kung Pow: Enter the Fist" feels like. Of course, writer-director Steve Oedekerk ("Ace Ventura 2") wanted all his friends to a dependable studio apartment so they could re-dub the show exploitation silly dialogue and whacky voices that were advisedly out of sync.

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Well, I guess I can tranquil maintain shock duration by saying that I believe Steve Oedekerk's pasquinade on all action Hong Kong and military Arts missed some really better opportunities to be a great film. Look at how daring I am to go after specified consecrate cows and then heap worship and love upon pop culture trash. Instead of going subsequently the Jackie Chan's and John Woo's of the world, he goes after physician Lee and extra bleary-eyed 1970 grounder suey stand-bys and comes off as looking at quite an tired.

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